• Skills Development and Apprentices Policy

  • Anona Security always want to development officer’s skills which meets modern standards including junior staff who are allows to complete their training task as follow as
    1. Apprentices always work alongside experienced staff.
    2. Junior staff will gain their appropriate training with practice & their basis.
    3. Apprentices will earn a wage according to HMRC regulation and get holiday for their studious period as well.
    4. Apprenticeships usual takes up to 4 years to complete their educational according to job fulfilment.

    Anona Security has their own partner or ally as well for apprentices to complete their informal education whose age is 16 or over. Our conditions for apprenticeship are as follows:
    1. Apprentices must live in England
    2. Have no Formal Graduation in the UK
    3. Age 16 or over but not over 25.

    We currently offer the following apprenticeship standards with our ally training provider bodies:

    • Level 3 Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Technician
    • Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor
    • Level 2 Customer Service