• Equal Opportunities Policy

  • The Company is an equal opportunities employer.
    The aim of this policy is:
    to ensure that all job applicants and employees will receive equal treatment regardless of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, creed, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins or disability; and to prevent harassment in the workplace. Harassment is particular behaviour by one person which another person finds unacceptable or unwelcome and is viewed as a serious issue. This policy is specifically addressed at sexual and racial harassment, harassment on the grounds of disability and bullying.
    Examples of harassment:
    Physical contact
    Verbal or nonverbal conduct
    Name calling
    Abusive language
    Bullying or intimidation of a general nature or that specifically targeted at someone because of their gender, disability or ethnic origin. These examples are not exclusive or exhaustive and conduct of a similar nature may be
    dealt with under this procedure.
    You have a personal responsibility and duty to ensure the practical application of this policy and to help promote a working environment consistent with a policy of equal opportunity for all employees. You have a responsibility to ensure that you do not discriminate against or harass fellow employees, customers or suppliers during the course of your employment. You should report any discriminatory action or act of harassment of which you are aware to the


    Any employee who believes that the Company has applied inequitable treatment to him or her within the scope of this policy, or who is the subject of harassment, should firstly attempt to resolve the matter informally, if appropriate, by raising the matter with the alleged discriminator or harasser and involving your supervisor if necessary.
    If it is inappropriate to try to resolve the matter informally or such attempts have failed then you should raise the matter formally with management. All complaints will be taken seriously. All complaints will be investigated promptly and confidentially by individuals not involved in the allegations. Both the employee making the complaint and the alleged harasser will be allowed to be accompanied or represented at the investigation and the alleged harasser will be given full details of the allegation against him/her and the chance to respond. The Company will consider suspending an alleged harasser while an investigation is carried out.
    Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who acts in breach of this policy by discriminating against or harassing another employee. Disciplinary action may include summary dismissal, in the case of a serious breach of the policy or repeated breaches. In other cases, it may include a formal oral or written warning. Such action will be taken in accordance with this policy and the Company’s disciplinary procedure.
    Consistent application of this policy will assist in the creation of the right environment for its success and it is for each employee to make his or her own contribution to ensure that this success is maintained.
    The Management is responsible for the implementation of this policy and ensuring compliance with it. This policy will also be monitored by the Company to judge its effectiveness. If changes are required, the Company will implement them.